Reasons to Consider Lap Band Surgery

Reasons to Consider Lap Band Surgery

Reasons to Consider Lap Band Surgery Consider exercising and refined eating during your period of Lap Band surgery so that you can lose weight quicker and begin looking slimmer and trimmer. After your band has been adjusted, the feeling may occur that you will have to eat less, but you will feel full sooner and will have no desires to over-eat. However, even with the proper diet, exercise and medication, there are those small plateaus along the way… moments where you won’t lose any weight for several weeks. You will likely begin feeling on top of the world, almost like you might fly, but you will also feel very tired and irritable and it’s common for your body to offer no performance at all in even the smallest activities. You may find yourself becoming short of breath, your chest and stomach pain becomes sever, and you feel nauseous a lot of times. Lap Band surgery is not a miracle introduced to the world of health and diet; it is the best option for weight reduction among many available methods. Nevertheless, there are indicators to consider associated with this surgery before you make a decision to have Lap Band surgery.

Conclusion Reasons to Consider Lap Band Surgery

1. Brief hospital stay. Not having to exert yourself in the hospital is one big benefit of the lap band. You will only spend a bundle of few minutes in the operating room while the doctor determines the proper technique for offsetting the band. On the other hand, there are expectations that clinic visits and familiar rooms may cost more considering the significant time spent in operating room. On average, patients who undergo lap band have a brief hospital stay of four to six weeks while in the hospital.

2. Less risk of infection. Lap band can be removed and needs a very small amount of care after the procedure. Considering the limited tools and equipment used in the operation, a Lap band procedure is considered to be a simple procedure with maximum risks. Waiting time out of action is also very short; sometimes no more than three to four days in most cases. A lap band procedure generally takes about forty minutes to complete while patients are not even put under anesthesia. Considering the small size of tools and different tools used, there’s quite a minimal level of risk involved.

Reasons to Consider Lap Band Surgery

3. Less worry inducing side effects. Lap band is the least invasive type of weight reduction surgery with maximum post-surgery side effects that do not usually take much time to recover from. Considering the lap band device itself, 99% of patients should never be worried or bother about the key side effects like nausea, vomiting, heartburn and constipation. Patients are also able to consume semi-solid foods of their choice at most times. That being said, do consider the longer gastric bypass and other procedures, like gastric bypass with gastroplasty, which can have major laparoscopic complications.

4. Happier post-surgery, long-term weight loss. Lap band is thedogaround the weight-loss procedure. Once the lap band is in place, you will shed the weight in no time. After the surgery, you will achieve long-term weight loss. In fact, patients with weight problems are actually able to lose weight in their sleep, thanks to the gastric band that creates a smaller stomach pouch. Post-surgery, the band will also help lower the appetite, in a similar manner as an insulin pump does. And most importantly, you will begin losing weight gradually after surgery. That being said, do fret not. Weight gain at four to six months is generally a attributed to dietary factors and foremost among them isShop healthy dietsas the preferred way of healthy living.

Conclusion Reasons to consider flat surgery

Finally, consider the risk factors associated with the lap band procedure, then weigh your options. Ultimately, it’s your call to make. What’s better for your health: stomach irritation or death? How fast will you gain weight after the surgery? Does being overweight make you avoid being mugged or lose out on numerous job opportunities?

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