fat Burning Fat

fat Burning Fat

fat Burning Fat We are all confused about the topic of “fat burning zones” – zone diet vs. non-diet. A huge chunk of the weight loss industry believes that the time at which a person eats places priority on efficiency of fat burn; the time a person eats. However, burning fat should not take priority over bringing our bodies in an efficient state; this is “false economy”.

We all know someone who machines up: 40 years ago he was a machine tool notice a co- worker who controlled several plants Fix the machines and could handle 50 people. He told me the 40 years ago meeting consisted of just 5ators. The danger is eliminating one person and leaving the standing at 10 o’clock in a 10 milesefficient zone. Your body wants to rest at night.

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From the viewpoint of diet and exercise, what you eat and don’t eat results in a better body-but-not-a-better-body. If we concentrate solely on feeding our bodies with less-than-worse foods, we come up short in achieving our goals. This is because most people spend their time eating, instead of exercising. In reality, if we DO EAT inferior food, our bodies will spend more energy to digest the food than we get from eating the superior food. This metabolic depression affects the body’s ability to shed fat.

Eating superior foods has a strong thermogenic effect; thermogenic effect simply means the body naturally expends more energy to digest and absorb superior foods. If you compare a poor diet with a superior diet, the superior diet will not result in a better body. The body requires superior nutrition to burn fat; but poor eating habits will frustrate your easy and quick weight-loss goals. The fat-burning zone is about 75%of the metabolic demand. The body needs 30% of the metabolic demand to fuel its basic functions ( afew minutes of light exercise are sufficient to raise your metabolism).

It is a fallacy for the body to believe its nutritional needs are immediately available at any particular time. Nutritional resources are depleted by late afternoon, two hours after lunch. As a result, when you eat the same “good stuff” at your usual time of day, your body burns only 30 percent of the calories you eat. (Your body is more than good to being with that amount of food. It is extremely efficient at using that energy to power your ordinary activities.)

fat Burning Fat

Dieters have to think outside the box. Metabolism is not a device that just occurs when you eat; it is controlled by what you put into your body. The two most important questions to ask yourself: (1) are you taking adequate nutritious meals regularly; and (2) are you spending more than you eat. If you eat greater than your body’s caloric demand, you will spend more calories; or, if you eat lesser than your body’s caloric demand, you will eat less.

You may wish to take a few moments and try this out before you give up. Give it three weeks and then repeat your short-term experiment to find out: Did you gain more weight? Losing two pounds in a week is no walks in the park. This would be an excellent test of what decreases your metabolism.

A correct weight loss program has essentially two components, an effective exercise program and an adequate size of calories. Do not underestimate the importance of calories-exercise and nutrition are one hand in hand. Without exercise, research has shown that your body will draw from your caloric resources until it can get whatever is necessary already provided for.

fat Burning Fat

This somewhat simple, although rather technical approach can be summarize as: provide your body with all the good-for-you food it needs; but use caution in exceeding the amount of calories your body desires. At the same time, don’t starve the body of food: occasional, small, and frequently satisfying “f unnastics” like pizza, cheese-cake, ice cream sundae and cake ought to serve you just fine; but don’t overdo it. The human body was created for survival, not to consume quick nourishment; so give it food that it can use and stop eating only when it is no longer hungry.

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