Lose Weight in 2 Days

Lose Weight in 2 Days That dress is finally fitting snugly on your hips. It’s been some time since you’ve been able to do that. You’re not worried because you’ve lost weight in the past, especially when it’s a fast pace. You might have lost even more than a pound or so but lately your weight has been stagnant. If you continue, you might actually gain some clothes. That’s what you know as a plateau. The thing is, you know it in your gut because your mirror reflects the same thing. You’re unhappy with what you’ve been doing. You’re anxious to get rid of the fat once and for all.

Lose Weight in 2 Days

Lose Weight in 2 Days

That’s where the art of dieting enters the picture. You’ve noticed that in the past, your weight was stable no matter what you ate and what you detailed in your journal. While aches and pains can come along with this, you know that it’s all the carbohydrates that give you that buildup that makes you feel sluggish. Of course, in the long run, you know that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it’s the pasta, bread, and anything sweet that give you that temporary boost. But since you’ve lost weight and it’s staying steady, you haven’t noticed that you feel any different. You’re confused because you’ve been going through a Alone Experiment. You didn’t really diet, per say, instead you just started taking in a little less than usual and see what happens. After all, you need to maintain your weight! The problem is the way you’re handling it. You’re losing and gaining without knowing what’s happening. Still, you’ve learned that you need to take in less to maintain your current weight and keep your weight steady in the future.

How does an equilibrium of dieting by itself maintain your weight? Check out the following questions and answer them honestly. If the answer is “no” then don’t be angry at yourself. It’s okay. Or rather, it’s something that’s been done to you and associated to many diets that you’ve learned as a child. But, it’s something good to know about yourself once in your life. Because you know you’re a human being and not a animal that has to be evaluated according to how much you weigh. You’re the most important person in the world!

Lose Weight in 2 Days
  • Do you eat in front of the television?
  • Do you eat on the run?
  • Do egg won’t get stuck to your stomach?
  • Do you worry a lot?
  • Do you chew your food a lot?
  • Do you find when you’re depressed, you may crave for your comfort food?
  • Do you stuff your self with the same food everyday?
  • Do you exercise?
  • Are you always stressed?

If the answers are “yes” to you, congratulations. You are similar to a great number of humans in nature and one day, you’ll get a wake up call: a crisis. Many people are classified as morbidly obese. You have scale your weight, but only you know how much it is. That is why it would need more tests and special surgeries for an accurate measurement. Still, knowing how much you weigh is the first step. It shows that you have a problem and need to start a plan for weight loss. To lose weight, the plan doesn’t have to be Spartan. Did you know a typical middle aged female needs 2,000 calories to just sustain herself for one full day? Do you think you could survive on just ½ of that amount for a whole day? Then you’ll know what sort of weight loss program you’re on.

Lose Weight in 2 Days

So, don’t look at yourself as a lost soul in a lost world. Look at yourself as a woman who’s found the strength to see this plan through. Your body is your temple. It’s the only thing that matters. Take care of it. Don’t take it for granted. Take the time to figure out why you’re holding onto this weight. Why are you used to torturing yourself? Why do you hate your body so much? Once you come to terms with all of that, you’ll realize that losing it is easier than you thought. Lose Weight in 2 Days

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