Afull Body Workout

Afull Body Workout I really didn’t have a problem with my body and I thought I would get to a stage where all I had to do is work out for my profession of choice. I am so glad I did.

Afull Body Workout

Afull Body Workout

You can set this up so many ways, really. You can wake up in the morning and go for a workout, you can wear trainer gear and exercise in the morning on your own, you can use a fitness studio at your local YMCA, or any other gym, you can use a home gym if your budget is limited, you can start with some simple body weight exercises, or you can get crazy with it. The goals may be different, but the tools will be the same. You just need to have the desire to do it and then find the right tools to get it done.

This is why doing a full body workout at home is so good. I had a time interval where I would workout for 25 minutes in the morning and another 25 minute in the afternoon. This was my routine. But then life happened.

I don’t know how much time I had in the day to complete everything I had planned for that day, so I had to make some quick math. I only had a few hours in the day and I knew I could only fit in so much work, so I had to squeeze whatever I could get into the 24 hours I had left.

tightening up is always a good thing, especially when it comes to getting in shape and dropping some weight. But losing just a little weight can still have everything come together and work out on its own.

So I spent quite a few hours in the gym late that afternoon,ran around the neighborhood a few times and took a quick refreshing shower, and then came back to the gym to finish my away workout.

Afull Body Workout

The whole time I was thinking about how awesome it was, that I had made it to the gym and was going to complete it and that this whole routine was just great.

Well, to my surprise I get up the next morning feeling pretty good, but not entirety that great and I have to admit I didn’t exactly get the best workout I could have, but I was pretty good. My legs though, I could feel the muscles in my legs tightening up, that I was going to be a little sore. But afterward I didn’t really train myself, yet. I was still pretty sour (and yes very surprised) that I had been completely rubbish in the gym that morning.

The next day I spent the day bouncing around thinking about crappy workout I could have made better, and kept myself back from my sloppy routine.

Now I have to admit I did make a few really bad choices that day, but the next day was a lot easier and I still made it to my workout. Many of you can understand that we all make a decision about what we are going to do and sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and just train, don’t worry about the rest. My point is, you will be a different person when you start your program and have goals in life and if it is important to you to reach and do something, you will figure out the time and get it done.

Afull Body Workout

For my second workout of the day it was about Glycogen. Glycogen is a carbohydrate that our body uses for energy when there is not enough carbohydrates in our system and these carbohydrates turn to sugar and then we store that in our fat cells. This is bad, because by storing fat we actually look bigger and not leaner. Now to burn this fat and turn it into energy we need to load up on water.

You will have heard of C.I.T.E.S, which stands for curative exercisetraining, which is an important part of losing weight. Well during my workout I would load up on water and be like a crazy person, and by the end of the workout I didn’t eat anything. In fact I felt like I did a lot of food and burnt it off.

By the way another thing I would do is weigh myself in the morning and in the evening to see the difference and see how I am progressing or not.Afull Body Workout

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