Raise Your Metabolism

Raise Your Metabolism is one of the smartest ways to burn fat. A higher metabolism causes you to burn more calories even at rest. Anyone with a high metabolism will lose weight, even when they aren’t exercising. The good news is that anyone can raise their metabolism and become slim again.

Raise Your Metabolism

Raise Your Metabolism effortlessly

The main component to any weight loss program is exercise, and exercise raises your metabolism. The good news is that any exercise program will raise your metabolism if it is done correctly. The bad news is that if you have heard of the opposite, that it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, many people have fallen for this idea. Most people really think that if they starve themselves, or just get a lot of exercise, that weight will drop off.

The surprising truth is that you need both necessities to raise your metabolism and lose weight. You must eat the right foods, and you must get enough of the right kinds of exercise. In this article we will focus on the exercise portion.

The biggest mistake that exercisers make is that they think that they need to exercise every day of the week, or long periods of time. We now know that this just doesn’t work. If you have a short period of time, a really focused exercise routine, and you have the right foods, you can raise your metabolism and lose weight gradually. Many exercisers make the mistake of thinking that it takes a whole lot of exercise, but it doesn’t.

Simply exercising a specific part of the body, like the arms, can be enough to raise your metabolism. However, most people don’t have the time to exercise all day. This is where a good nutrition plan comes in. What we eat takes care of 80% of our weight loss, while exercise takes care of the other 20%. Nutrition is four times as important as exercise when it comes to weight loss. Exercise only helps.

Raise Your Metabolism

raising your metabolism with the right foods

Many people have an intolerance to the foods that are most beneficial to raising metabolism, and they can’t seem to lose any weight. They’re not eating the right foods. Again let us bring up a different point about a major factor in achieving long lasting weight loss. It has nothing to do with the right foods, or exercise, yet it has everything to do with how you eat your food.

Your body is like a car. Your body needs certain foods, and a particular combination of foods to lose weight, gain muscle, and peak in a way that will bring results in the long term. If you give your body the wrong fuel, it will simply not function the way it should. Your metabolism gets out of whack, you feel terrible, and you have weighs that you’ve never had before.

Here’s the proof

A recent study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, tested the effect of four different diets, varying only in calories. A group was given 1,500 calories of carbohydrates a day, another group had 1,700 calories of carbohydrates, and the third group was given no carbs!

Raise Your Metabolism

The diets were different necessarily, but so was the overall calorie intake, and the results were astonishing. After one week, each diet was tested, with six individual subject each being given a different amount of calories. On the last day of each month, they were tested for their metabolic rate.

What they found was astonishing, and will leave many people wondering why they never thought to try a low carbohydrate diet before. It’s good to know for sure that over half the population of North America will soon be overweight, and that if nothing’s done about it, we’re all going to be substantially heavier by the end of the year 2032.

The trick is to find out which foods help to raise your metabolism, and how to incorporate them into a good fat burning nutrition plan. Raise Your Metabolism

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