Why Your Internet Connection Might Be Slow

More than ever, there is a need to protect your information from intruders. There are a growing number of people out there wanting to hack your data for fun and profit.

Sounds like the display settings got changed. Right click an empty spot on your desktop and choose properties from the menu that opens. This will open the display properties window. Somewhere in there should be a setting for screen rotation or similar worded setting that will allow you to change the orientation.

Never give out personal information to someone who calls you up on the telephone. If you call someone, like your credit card company for example, you may be required to give an account number to verify that you are in fact YOU. But if you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from your credit card company and they want to “verify some information” and they start asking you for your account number and expiration date DO NOT give up the information. They are a con artist trying to scam you. Instead, call your credit card companies toll free number to talk to a representative and if there is any issue with your account that needs to be resolved they will help you.

If you are having trouble with in anything at all in getting started on the internet then ask for help. You can start by visiting Google and typing in your question there, you are bound to find an answer easily and quickly by doing so. Another great way is to visit YouTube and do the same there. If there is a problem you are having, a question you need answered there will most likely be someone who has made a video to answer it. Of course you are welcome to visit my website and ask me and I will always do my best to help you out. Just use the contact form to submit you question or ask for help.

Preventing a Virus from getting on your computer forever is pretty much impossible, but following the proper steps can keep your computer Virus free 99% of the time! Such a s staying away from sites with viruses and downloading suspicious files.If you want more on this, then check out my other article “How to Keep Your Computer Clean and Running Fast” This will give you tips on the best Internet browser all the way to the best managed antivirus solution software’s,as well as sites to stay away from! So check it out and keep your computer clean!

While I don’t suggest buying a used computer from the paper, or even someone you know (there can be spyware and adware on these computers if the person didn’t have a firewall, and/or protect from virus and once there it is nearly impossible to get rid of!), you could consider a refurbished computer from a retail store. These computers are gone over with a fine tooth comb, and can be virtually like new, they may just have used parts instead of new ones, and can last almost as long as a new computer.

If after all these steps and you still are having the same problem, you will need to do a reboot on your system. You can do this by either follow the prompts you get when you first start your computer or through your recovery discs. There are 2 ways to do a recovery on the newer PCs and they are, a reboot to bring the system back to factory/original settings, or system restore or recovery, which is saving all of your information already stored on your PC.

Whatever program you use, be sure to keep it up-to-date. There are new viruses coming out almost on a daily basis. Try to get an update at least once a week. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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