Special Barbara’s Valentine Bee

If you haven’t already thought of what you will be serving, now is the time to do it. Use tried and true recipes, or simply use your favorite cookbooks or online sources that you can print out and test before-hand. Make sure you know how these dishes will taste. You wouldn’t want surprises at your dinner table.

Boy, this is an issue. I am not a certified accountant or by any means a tax professional. This year’s taxes with all the “new stuff” had me confused.

This Valentine day, spend a fortune to send some gifts to your beloved. Entice your sweetheart by presenting some elegant gifts on this special occasion. Gifts have always been the best avenue to convey your thoughts and feelings. Gifts on Valentine’s Day evokes the passion of romance within the loving hearts. While there are many gifting options, your Valentine Gifts should be the one that uphold the meaning of the four lettered word ‘Love’ in the truest sense. Chocolates, Flowers, Greeting Cards or Personalized Gifts – all of these make an apt present for your Valentine.

Yes, some “mature” people think that Valentines is immature, and that only kids and teens should join in on the fun. Puppy love is so cute for Valentines. Elementary and high school kids use this season to give their puppy-love rushes their gifts, then giggle nervously and hide from them. Well, you get the picture, right?

While going to a fancy restaurant is a lovely treat on valentine week 2018, how about planning a picnic for her instead. Pick a location that has special meaning and take her there, or maybe to a whole new beautiful location altogether. A picnic does not have to be extravagant. Get a basket and toss in a good size blanket, a few sandwiches, some drinks, pasta salad, chips, chocolate and you are set. Taking the time to prepare and plan the picnic, which to females is very romantic, will make up for whatever you forgot to put in the basket.

Working at home can be a lonely business. That’s the number one reason people go back to a 9-5 job. They haven’t valentine week failed though. They just like having people around.

Get hold of a movie that he or she has been dying to see and set up your living room with popcorn, finger foods and anything else that you will help create the right atmosphere to enjoy the film.

I know a lot of these tips require time. whenever i have a few minutes on saturday, i make the sauces and pre-chop my veggies for my upcoming planned meals to make it easier for my busy week. i may also spend time chopping extra veggies, labeling the freezer bag – ‘1/2 cup carrots’ – and putting it in the freezer. that way, if i need 1/2 cup of carrots, i can take it out of the freezer and toss it in whatever i am making. also, sometimes if i am making a casserole, i take the time to make another one. tossing an extra casserole in the freezer makes it easy to thaw and bake on the days i don’t feel like cooking!

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