Saavy Free Internet Marketing Methods: Blogging

In the ever increasingly competitive job market, finding a vacancy which both appeals and requires your skills can be tricky. There is a greater need to be creative in your job search in order to find an opportunity which suits you. Looking for job opportunities in unusual places can be a great way of diversifying your job search. So, where do you start?

If you have been online for any amount of time you will notice that there are literally thousands upon thousands of blogs on the internet. It shouldn’t surprise us any, as the majority of people on the internet are content hungry. Google in fact rewards websites that post new updated content frequently. Content is King. How many times have you heard that statement before? There is a reason you’ve heard it so many times.

Writing Your Own Blog PostsThis is the best option when it comes to blogging, creating blog posts yourself which are unique and interesting and show your personality is a great way to gain credibility and customer interest. Ideally you want to write all the blog posts yourself on hot and relevant topics to do with your niche. Try to write posts that are helpful and entertaining to your reader. Once your visitors get to know you a bit better you will gain a ‘fanbase’ of loyal readers who will also be willing to buy your products.

Web 2.0 sites are free websites. Google loves web 2.0 sites, and they tend to rank well (often on the first page of Google). Some examples of these sites are Squidoo, Hubpages and TopNotchThemes. You can create a free blog or webpage about your keyword phrase.

However, this activity and the learning process is both motivating and mentally challenging. I’ve been comfortable with computers from early on, having bought my first 128K Mac in 1984. I am now venturing into a whole new world, the existence of which I was completely ignorant just eighteen months ago. When I started this blog in the spring of this year, it was complete hubris to imagine that I could ever get to the point where I would be dishing out advice on, “How To Make Money Online!” And, of course, I’m still not. I’m not making money, and I’m not dishing out advice! But I can see the day coming when I shall succeed. I’m not giving up. It’s a challenge and I will rise to it.

Build a blog not a website – Blogs encourage conversation, build audience, and create loyalty. Basic websites are stagnant and can’t serve your audience in an ongoing manner.

If you want to be an online presence and you want to be positioned as a leader and start to generate massive leads, create your blog today. You want to make sure that you post content on your blog everyday and if that is not possible at least 3-4 times a week, be consistent so that your readers will know you, trust you and therefore keep coming back.

Starting an Internet business is a great way to create profits. It doesn’t cost much to get started but you have the opportunity to turn it into a really lucrative business.

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