Property Title Search-Importance

Are you ready to clean, make repairs, place ads in the paper, screen tenants and handle emergencies? If you aren’t planning on hiring a property manager for your rental property then we hope your answer was YES!

Did you choose to do it or did your siblings pick you? You will harbor resentment if you let them talk you into it. Be sure it’s your choice. It is a hard job, both physically and emotionally, and though it may only be a few daytime hours to begin with, it could turn into a fulltime job or beyond – it could require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is a report that should be provided by your broker or Title Company that you have built a relationship with. It can cost as much as $150 in some cases. Your broker can get this free of charge.

On the back of the card put dot point summaries of your services or specialities (e.g. Sales, Leasing, Phoenix, Retail Leasing, and Retail Management). Your business card is a miniature version of a marketing brochure so both sides of the card should be used effectively.

Realistically, all these things can be done on your own (depending on your unit size) with information all over the internet about managing your own property and being a landlord.

Enquiries from potential buyers can come from a variety of sources including people simply walking into the office and asking for a specific property. The agent needs to work with each potential buyer and look after their needs. He or she needs to make the buyer feel special and that there is no need to go elsewhere for Property Solutions. This needs to be done in a proactive but reassuring way. That last thing that should be done is scare the person away by over servicing or being too pushy.

If a client has a choice between two “discount Realtors” who are within a couple of dollars of each other, unless that client is super sensitive to price, they’re going to base their decision on the relationship they have with each Realtor; how they “feel” about them. How they “feel” comes down to the brand and how well that brand has been marketed to them.

Timeshare ownership will only make fiscal sense if you plan to use your unit every year without exception. If a substantial amount is paid upfront, then the plan on using it consistently over many, many years for you to break even.

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