How To Write A Resume

So, you’ve just lost your job, or have gotten the pink slip along with your checked – you are now officially unemployed. Now what? This article will talk about the basics of how to cope with being unemployed. The most important thing to remember once you do lose your job is to get your separation papers – it is the law that you receive them within a certain period of time (usually between two weeks and a month). Also, ask your employer the reason why you are being let go. The answer can mean the difference between waiting extra weeks for Employment Insurance to begin and having it start right away.

But even if someone buys a CV book, they won’t necessarily get around to actually WRITING their resume! Some may procrastinate and others may just be too anxious.

The problem, of course, is that all this advice has done nothing more than cause job seekers to turn their attention away from what should be the main focus of their resume.

Better yet, skip the resume submission process and find a way to get introduced to the hiring manager through a networking contact, industry event or Linkedin.

Resumes are meant to sell, to highlight pros while convincing how your cons are for everybody’s best interest, both things at the same time with a single shot. You may find countless samples or examples over the internet.

9) Get someone else to proof it, too. Two pairs of eyes are always better than one. You are often too familiar with your own resume to be able to view it objective and catch errors; give it to someone else who can look at it afresh and proof it more thoroughly.

Sad as it seems, even if you are the most qualified person for the job, if your letter for your resume is not going to get them to probe further into your qualifications, then your resume will most likely end up “with the rest” – That is right, just another applicant.

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