How To Talk To Women – Using The Amazingly Powerful E-B-W Rapport Building Formula

How to talk to girls if they are quiet? Picture this, you have known this girl for so long online. You decided to ask her for a date. In the date, you found out something else about her – she is a quiet person. You choose to talk about yourself, job and family, basically you have told her almost everything to break the ice. Therefore, you are out of words, so what do you do? How do you talk to girls if this happens?

Here’s the key your success if you want to learn things to talk about with a girl. Just remember: girls want to talk about how they feel not what they think. If you remember that one sentence alone, you are going to be ahead of the game. Let me just repeat it: women talk about how they feel while guys talk about what they think. If you are able to talk to a girl about what you feel, you will be meeting her on her level.

So how can you keep the conversation going from the beginning? The answer to this is pretty simple. First of all, understand that questions are the building blocks of conversations. Every question you ask a girl leads to a new and exciting part of the interaction. The problem is that most guys ask the wrong or inappropriate questions. They ask your typical boring questions like “what’s your name?” “where do you live?” “what do you do for living?” etc…

OK, you’ve thought through your story, you know your characters; you have a solid beginning, middle and end. Now it’s time to get to work. Write a chapter. Read it through. Change what you don’t like. Then write another chapter. And another. Pretty soon, you’ll have a whole book, right?

One thing that I do is to think about things that have happened in my life over the last week. I try to remember conversations that I had with friends and what those conversations were about. Chances are that one of those things to talk to girls will make a really great topic to write about too. Because you have already been thinking about that topic recently, you will find that writing about it is exceptionally easy. The ideas flow like water. Your viewpoint on it is crystal clear. Before you know it you will have produced a really great piece.

If you’ve lied on line, then there’s really no sense in meeting up at all. Yes, you might fool her for a few dates, but eventually the truth will come out. Of course, this all depends on how much you’ve lied to her.

There are a few ways which guys could use to get started when talking to girls. One thing they could do is bring up a topic that they are interested in and see if the girl is interested in it too. They need not feel discouraged if she is not interested. They just need to keep the conversation going by asking questions to learn more about what she likes and dislikes. Almost all people love to talk about themselves so guys can get a good conversation going without having to do much talking themselves. But guys should understand that they should never talk big about themselves because girls generally do not like such behavior.

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