Easy And Effective Hair Loss Remedy

Ayurveda is a natural medical system that’s been going for over 5000 yrs. It’s made up of many different parts and is the “science of life” that offers us knowledge that comes from the beginning of time.

I’m not sure about over the counter options for psoriasis, but fluticasone propionate is a class of drug call a corticosteroid, so you may be able to use a hydrocortisone cream because it too is a corticosteroid. Please do not…

On the contrary, Ooty shimmers and glimmers during the rain. The lakes froth and leap in bounty having been fed to the fullest by the clouds! For instance, the Ooty Lake, one of the must visit places in Ooty, turns into a brimming source of joy when the monsoon is its guardian! The same is true for attractions like Pykara Lake and that ‘oh-so-wow’ St. Catherine’s Falls.

The hair follicle contains oil secreting glands which make the hair shiny.Stress and illness diminish secretion of oil and pigments causing graying of hair.

The Indian plum, i.e. jambula, is renowned for its weight controlling properties. Jambula dissolves the excess fats and gets them properly utilized in the body. Take four leaves of the jambula plant and soak them in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, discard the leaves and drink the water on an empty stomach. If you do this everyday, then you will find a positive reduction in your weight in three weeks or a month.

Including some healthy fats in your daily diet can pacify the rough, dry nature of the Vata dosha, winter’s dominant energy. In Gyanmajri, ghee (clarified butter) is recommended to cook with. Olive oil is another excellent choice. Along with blanched, soaked almonds as they offer nutritional and structural support to our cells.

During the hot Greeshma Rithu, one should avoid hard labour which gives a tough time for the body. The ideal foods during Greeshma are Fruit juices, buttermilk, lime juice and these should be taken extensively. Can have cold water bath. Water Melon, plantains, bananas, cucumber, tomatoes, jackfruit and leafy vegetables can be taken in.

India was already suffering from floods and droughts due to the Medini effect of Total Solar Eclipse. This disease has slowly entered into the country as the third Medini effect. It must not be allowed to take an epidemic form for which total medical screening of passengers coming from abroad is absolutely necessary.

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